Tushar Patil

The WE Team are not the best in the city...

They are the best in India!!!

Yes, i can confidently say that as they traveled to Mumbai for 2 weddings in my family!

Ritu, Bijit, Nirban and team are a bunch of absolute talented, creative, polite, sweet and funny(Bijit da ) "memory makers"!

It's an understatement to call you photographers- you are memory makers! What stunned me was that despite being from WB, they could still create maharashtrian videos that would make any Mumbai photographer's work look ordinary!

Ritu - the back-bone of this team amazed my mom the way she captured my pics sneaking through every possible corner.Of-course the end-product made everyone respect her work more! Bijit- now i can say that we missed you in my wedding. Your passion is child-like and your work is "Baap"!!!

The amazing photographs/wedding film/album for my wedding & reception along with surprise "zingat haldi video" and the special "highlight wedding video"

was loved by one and all.It's still trending big time and i am getting amazing feedback and compliments from my friends all over the world! Thanks for giving me this celebrity feeling - The WE team! Hoping to see you back again for sure - Maybe an anniversary shoot Folks, just hold and watch as "the WE" expands it's exposure to the world!