Sushmita Basu

After months of surfing pages for wedding photography we had settled for them. The natural smiles, the gush of happiness, the eyes speaking thousand words...these things in their shots convinced us. Their work started with the pre-wedding shoot and those 2 days were enough to match our crazy selves with them. They will be all fun for the entire time and then amidst of that they know when and how to stretch themselves to the insane limit for that perfect shot! This exquisite combination of professionalism and friendliness is a rare combination. They know what they are doing and they do it the best. A big thumbs up for Wedding Exposure!! All the very best for your future endeavours...u guys have miles to go. :)

All my sincere regards to Sudeshna Ritu Sarkar and Bijit for their constant 'encouragement and tremendous enthu You have done a great job! From immense love to pulling leg, from partners of life to partners in crime..this video has all the flavours of our relationship. Cant thank you enough for such a priceless gift! Love love and lots of love.